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4 Reasons to Put Your Motor Control Design in an FPGA

Did you know that you can build a flexible and scalable motor control system in a single FPGA?

FPGAs provide some compelling benefits that you can't get with microcontroller-based solutions:

  • System integration that lowers your total system cost
  • Design reuse and scalability to shorten your time to market
  • An intuitive design flow
  • Extended product lifecycles

Drive Your Own FPGA Innovation

Have fun while discovering how easy it is to build a scalable motor control system in a single FPGA with the BeInMotion—our BeMicro SDK-Based Motor Control kit.

Featuring the Altera® Cyclone® IV FPGA, the $158 BeInMotion kit* lets you control multiple DC and stepper motors. Your designs can easily scale to more advanced motor control designs. It comes complete with two DC motors, a stepper motor, reusable reference designs, and step-by-step instructions to introduce you to a simple FPGA-based motor control system. Apply common motor control concepts using our intuitive FPGA design tools.

Key Features:

  • Control multiple DC motors synchronously
  • Use an FPGA to create a closed-loop control system for different motion parameters
  • Drive a stepper motor with an analog feedback system
  • Work with easy-to-use and familiar embedded tools

Attend a Workshop Near You

Come to one of Arrow Electronic's hands-on workshops to see how easy it is to work with the BeInMotion. You'll learn more about using our FPGA design tools to put together a motor control design, controlling DC motors and stepper motors, and how integrating a motor control solution in an FPGA saves time and reduces cost. Plus, you'll go home with your own kit.

BeInMotion boards are built in partnership with Arrow Electronics, SLS Corp., and Linear Technology.

Take the Next Step:

* To order the full kit, order the BeMicro SDK and the BeInMotion products. Please allow 8-10 weeks for delivery for the BeInMotion Kit. Your payment will not be processed until your order is shipped.