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Check Out System Console—The Easy-to-Use Debug and Monitoring Tool—Available in Quartus II Software

System Console is a scalable, hardware agnostic debug and monitoring tool in Quartus® II software. It provides an easy way to connect GUI elements to hardware. Now you can easily monitor performance, debug designs, and demonstrate design functionality. Watch our demos and read our new white paper to learn more.

View Demo  Demo: Building a Custom Verification GUI with System Console

Want to know how to easily create GUI dashboards to interact with your design? Watch this new demo to learn how to:

  • Add run-time visibility into your FPGA systems
  • Access available run-time information using Tcl, a flexible command language
  • Create your own custom verification tool using graphical elements such as buttons, dials, and graphs
  • Develop solutions ranging from simple scripts to sophisticated GUI applications

View Demo

Demo: Faster Board Bring-Up with System Console

Wondering why your board is not up and running? Watch this demo to learn how to:

  • Efficiently debug your design while it is running at full speed in an FPGA
  • Quickly check your system clocks and resets, and send read and write transactions into your Qsys system to help isolate and identify problems

Download White Paper  


Read the white paper: System-Level Debugging and Monitoring of FPGAs Designs (PDF)