How Low Can You Go? With Arria V FPGAs

Try it out and see just how low power Arria® V FPGAs really are.

Download the Arria V PowerPlay early power estimator (EPE), input your design parameters such as logic, clock frequency, and I/Os, and evaluate how much power your design would consume in an Arria V FPGA. Evaluate your design according to its thermal properties or how much power you can save when using the PCI Express® or external memory interface hardened intellectual property (IP).

See how we have used the Arria V PowerPlay EPE to benchmark power consumption and get tips on how to model your design at the Arria V FPGA Power Wiki site.

Send us your completed Arria V PowerPlay EPE and get entered into a contest to win a BeMicro kit, an Altera® polo shirt, or the grand prize of an Arria V FPGA Development Kit!

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