1. Altera's ownership of any Altera trademark used should be called out in a legal notice. An acceptable form of notice includes “ALTERA, ARRIA, CYCLONE, MAX, MEGACORE, NIOS, QUARTUS and STRATIX words and logos are trademarks of Altera Corporation and registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and in other countries.”
  2. Altera's trademarks must be used with a trademark symbol (i.e., ® or ) that must appear immediately to the right of the trademark, not after a space or version indicator. The appropriate trademark symbol and positioning of the trademark symbol for each trademark is shown in the chart below.
  3. Altera's word trademarks must always be used as adjectives. The chart below provides exemplary nouns to use with various Altera word trademarks and exemplary usage of such word trademarks.
  4. The spelling and capitalization used for Altera's word trademarks must confirm to the chart below. Do not abbreviate any Altera trademarks.
ACEX® PLDs, FPGAs, devices ACEX® devices
Altera® devices, software, etc. Altera® products
Arria® PLDs, FPGAs, devices Arria® II GX PLDs
Avalon® system interconnect fabric Avalon® interconnect
Cyclone® PLDs, FPGAs, devices Cyclone® IV FPGAs
FLEX® PLDs, FPGAs, devices FLEX® PLDs
MAX® CPLDs, FPGAs, devices MAX® II CPLDs
MAX+PLUS® II development software, software MAX+PLUS® II software
MegaCore® functions MegaCore® function
Nios® embedded processors Nios® II processors
Quartus® development software, software Quartus® II design software
Stratix® PLDs, FPGAs, devices Stratix® IV GX PLDs
ACAP™ partner ACAP™ program
AMPPSM partner AMPPSM partner
APEX™ PLDs, FPGAs, devices APEX™ PLDs
Atlantic™ interface Atlantic™ interface
BitBlaster™ cable BitBlaster™ cable
ByteBlasterMV™ download cable, cable ByteBlasterMV™ download cable
ByteBlaster™ cable ByteBlaster™ cable
Classic™ PLDs, FPGAs, devices Classic™ devices
Excalibur™ embedded processor Excalibur™ processor
IP MegaStore™ web site IP MegaStore™ web page
LogicLock™ incremental design capability LogicLock™ regions
MasterBlaster™ cable MasterBlaster™ cable
MegaWizard™ Plug-In MegaWizard™ Plug-In
Mercury™ PLDs, devices Mercury™ devices
MicroBlaster™ software driver MicroBlaster™ driver
SignalTap™ logic analyzer SignalTap™ logic analyzer
USB-Blaster™ download cable USB-Blaster™ cable