Intel Developer Forum 2016

Date: August 16, 2016 – August 18, 2016

Location: Moscone Center (West)

Demos: Throughout Pavillion floor

Region: North America Events 

Featured Technologies: Altera® SDK for OpenCL, Arria® 10, MAX® 10, and Cyclone® V SoC

Event URL:

FPGAs Value in a Smart and Connected World

There is a clear virtuous cycle in the world today—the cloud and data center, the Internet of Things (IoT), memory and FPGAs are all bound together by connectivity and enhanced by the economics of Moore’s Law. FPGAs play a critical role in this virtuous cycle by enabling system designers to use custom hardware to build entirely new classes of products for the data center and the IoT. The flexibility and efficiency of an FPGA delivers significant value to end users, by enabling system designers to build in, and quickly change system functionality without introducing a large amount of cost and risk of delays into the design schedule.

Visit us at IDF16 to discover the advantages that Altera’s latest FPGA solutions bring to your next-generation applications. You will see first-hand how Altera, now part of Intel can address complex problems through our advanced silicon road map and design software solutions.

See our demos showcasing:

  • Altimeter: This MAX 10 FPGA-based radar senor processing demonstration shows the capability to measure distances, such as measuring distance of drone to the objects or ground (Booth 547)
  • Industry 4.0 Smart Factory: An IoT-based cloud connected PLC demo with integrated IEEE TSN based on a Cyclone V SoC (Booth 385)
  • Data analytics on a FPGA: Accelerating CNN scoring on an FPGA accelerator (Booth 381)
  • 5G Massive MIMO Beamforming: Shows how Intel® Xeon™ processors, Intel FPGAs and a Fortville NIC can be used to build a complete 5G solution (Booth 457)


In addition to our demos–don’t miss the Intel PSG team during the Tech Chats and Tech Sessions throughout the day:

  • The Value of FPGAs for your System: Business Insights with Dan McNamara and Erhaan Shaikh, Wedneday 8/17 at 1:15 in Room 2005
  • When to Use Low-Cost FPGAs with Intel CPUs in IoT Applications: Tech Chat with Tom Schulte, Graham Baker, and Larry Landis, Tuesday 8/16 at 1:00 - 3:00pm at TC Station 5
  • Enabling FPGAs for Software Programmers: Tech Session with Bernhard Friebe, Wednesday 8/17 at 4:00 - 5:00pm in Room 2005
  • The Art of Integrating a SoC FPGA: Tech Chat with Nat Seshan, Wednesday 8/17 at 10:30 - 12:30pm at TC Station 6

Looking forward to seeing you at Intel Developer Forum 2016!