Download Cables

Intel® (formerly Altera) FPGA download cables are available for use in the in-circuit reconfiguration of Intel® FPGAs. Download cables are also available for programming of on-chip flash within MAX® series devices.

With Intel FPGA download cables, design changes can be downloaded directly to the device, prototyping is easy and multiple design iterations can be accomplished in quick succession. See Table 1 for available download cables.

Table 1. Currently Supported Download Cables

Purchase online or review the user guide for each download cable
Buy OnlineIntel FPGA Parallel Port Cable
  • Formerly the ByteBlaster II, enables a PC to configure or program Altera devices. The download cable drives configuration or programming data using a standard parallel printer port from the PC
  • ByteBlaster II Download Cable User Guide (PDF)
Buy OnlineIntel FPGA Download Cable
  • Formerly the USB-Blaster, drives configuration or programming data from the PC to configure or program Intel FPGA devices
  • RoHS and USB Full-Speed compliant
  • Supports standard Full-Speed USB PC ports
  • USB-Blaster Download Cable User Guide (PDF)
Intel FPGA Download Cable II
  • Formerly the USB-Blaster II, implements the faster USB 2.0 High-Speed protocol to drive configuration or programming data from the PC to configure or program Intel PSG devices.
  • RoHS and USB Hi-Speed (USB 2.0) compliant
  • Supports standard USB PC ports
  • USB-Blaster II Download Cable User Guide (PDF)
Intel FPGA Ethernet CableBuy Online
  • Formerly the EthernetBlaster II, enables configuration and programming data from an Thernet network to remotely configure or program Altera devices
  • RoHS Compliant
  • Supports standard Ethernet network ports with an RJ-45 connector
  • EthernetBlaster II Download Cable User Guide (PDF)

The BitBlasterTM, ByteBlasterTM, ByteBlasterMVTM, EthernetBlasterTM and MasterBlasterTM download cables have been superseded and are no longer sold by Intel.

Cable-Device Compatibility

Table 2 lists the device support for each download cable.

Table 2. Device Support Comparison

The Intel FPGA Parallel Port Cable, Intel FPGA Download Cable, Intel FPGA Download Cable II, and Intel FPGA Ethernet Cable all support the following:
Stratix® FPGA Series
Cyclone® FPGA Series
Arria® FPGA Series
MercuryTM Devices
ACEX 1K® Devices


  • APEXTM II Devices
  • APEX 20K Devices
  • APEX 20KE Devices
  • APEX 20KC Devices


  • FLEX 10K® Devices
  • FLEX 10KA Devices
  • FLEX 10KE Devices
  • FLEX® 8000 Devices
  • FLEX 6000 Devices
  • MAX 10 Devices
  • MAX II Devices
  • MAX 7000A Devices
  • MAX 7000B Devices
  • MAX 7000S Devices
  • MAX 3000A Devices
Serial Configuration Devices
Enhanced Configuration Devices