MAX V devices are ideal for general-purpose and power- and space-constrained designs in many market segments, including wireline, wireless, industrial, consumer, computer and storage, broadcast, and military. MAX V CPLDs are used for a wide variety of applications previously implemented in older generation ASICs, ASSPs, FPGAs, and discrete logic devices.

Table 1. MAX V CPLD Features and Customer Benefits

Feature Customer Benefits
Cost optimized Manufactured using a mature, long-life cycle, low-cost 0.18-µm fab process combined with the latest low-cost packaging technologies.
Low power Up to 50% lower total power compared to equivalent density competitive CPLDs, generating less heat and saving battery power.
Internal oscillator Replaces an external discrete timing devices for use as a simple clocking source, saving BOM costs.
Fast power-on and reset Power on and reset quickly (500 µs or less), ideal for power management, power sequencing, and monitoring of other devices on the PCB.
Realtime in-system programmability (ISP) Allow you to update a second configuration image while the CPLD is in operation.
I/O capabilities I/Os are hot-socket compliant and support LVTTL, LVCMOS, PCITM, and LVDS output interface standards, along with other bus-friendly options (e.g. output enable per pin, Schmitt triggers, slew rate control, and others).
Green packages All packages are available in restriction of hazardeous substances (RoHS)-compliant variants, meeting the "low-halogen" requirements per JEDEC document JED 709 (draft). Selected packages are available in leaded variants.
Parallel Flash Loader The on-chip JTAG block can configure external non-JTAG-compliant devices, such as discrete flash memory devices, using the Parallel Flash Loader IP Megafunction.

Table 2. MAX V Speed and Temperature Grade Offering

Device Speed Grade
-4 Commercial -5 Commercial -5 Industrial - 5 Automotive (1)
5M40Z check check check Selected packages
5M80Z check check check Selected packages
5M160Z check check check Selected packages
5M240Z check check check Selected packages
5M570Z check check check Selected packages
5M1270Z check check check Selected packages
5M2210Z check check check C.F.


  1. Contact your nearest Altera® representative for new updates to the automotive grade availability and support.