• Neural Networks on FPGAs
  • Compare FPGAs & GPGPUs
  • Accelerating Genomics
  • Learn about Custom BSP

Implementations of Convolutional Neural Networks using Altera FPGAs


Watch an introduction of machine learning and the benefits of FPGAs in these applications


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What are the most current Industry trends?  

  • Increase in functionality and performance required today
  • Continual growth of data set sizes and pipelines to move data
  • Struggle to sustain top performance without massive increases in cost, power and system size


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Accelerating Genomics Research with OpenCL and FPGAs


With a  greater availability in genome sequence data, there has been advancements in a wide range of medical research, including personal care.  Learn what part Altera’s SDK for OpenCL plays in the process.

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Developing a Custom OpenCL Board Support Package


This training will cover the steps to create a custom board support package (BSP) compatible with the Altera® SDK for OpenCL™.  You will learn to generate hardware and software deliverables to convert the Arria® 10 device reference platform BSP to an Arria 10 device custom platform BSP.            


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Altera® SDK for OpenCL is continually enhancing and improving to give you the features you need to build successful designs.