ARM DS-5 Altera Edition

Developed in partnership with ARM, DS-5 Altera Edition (ARM DS-5 AE) is an end-to-end suite of tools for embedded C/C++ software development on any Altera SoC FPGA. It combines all features of the ARM DS-5 Professional Edition with powerful FPGA adaptive debugging capabilites, providing unmatched visibility and control of your SoC FPGA.

  • ARM DS-5 AE is installed as a part of the Altera SoC EDS
  • Learn more about DS-5 from ARM.

Comprehensive Development Environment

Code Build Debug Optimize
Eclipse-based IDE provides a great workbench with ARM's assembly editor and project management tools Compile and build code for small footprint and high performance using ARM Compiler 5 Debug Bare-metal, Linux, and Android appliction code with low-cost USB Blaster II Optimize and make your application more efficient with Streamline and Trace

FPGA-Adaptive Debug

  • Cross-trigger and debug across the CPU-FPGA boundary to find hidden bugs. 
  • Correlate events between the FPGA and CPU along with timestamps.  
  • Begin bare-metal debug with the low-cost USB Blaster II. 
  • Improve productivity by importing custom IP register defintions from Qsys and Quartus Prime® software.

Program Trace

  • Unleash the power of the Coresight STM Debug architecture. 
  • View timeline charts and heat maps for software executing on the target. 
  • Accurately profile the system by find CPU utilization per function non-intrusively.

Multi-Core Debug




  • Debug multiple processor cores simultaneously and control them individually.

Application Performance Analysis

  • With DS-5 AE's Streamline, visualize the performance bottlenecks in your embedded Linux or Android application.
  • Setup and configure the ARM performance counters to dig deeper. 
  • Optimize your code for the best performance! 

Note: The SoC EDS installs the DS-5 Community Edition by default.

Compare Editions



Community Edition


Altera Edition

Application Performance Analysis
Streamline Performance Analysis Limited Subset  
Bare-Metal Debug
Altera USB Blaster II    
Linux Kernel Debug    
RTOS Debug    
Processor Trace
Coresight STM Trace    
Linaro GCC    
ARM Compiler 5    
OS Awareness
OS Application Debug
Linux Application debug (GDB)    
Android Application debug (ADB)    
Activation Code Free with SoC EDS Installation


*Free with select Altera SoC FPGA

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