Compiler Tool Chains

Three different compiler tool chains are included in the SoC Embedded Design Suite (EDS):
  • Bare-metal GNU Compiler Collection (GCC) tool chain from Mentor Graphics®
  • Bare-metal compiler
  • Linux GCC compiler tool chain from Linaro

BSP Editor

A Graphical User Interface (GUI) that allows you to generate Board Support Package, including:
  • Second stage bootloader
  • Linux device tree (Learn More >>)
  • Image tools (adding required header to bootloader)

Embedded Command Shell

Embedded Command Shell provides an alternative way to invoke tools in the SoC EDS. Some useful commands are:
  • eclipse : launch DS-5
  • bsp-editor: launch BSP Editor
  • jtagconfig: checking JTAG connections

SD Card Boot Utility

This utility allows  you to update the Preloader and/or Bootloader on a physical SD card or a disk image file. The Preloader is typically stored in a custom partition (with type = 0xA2) on the SD card. This utility is done in Embedded Command Shell. Type alt-boot-disk-util --help for usage details.

Quartus Prime Programmer and SignalTap II

The Quartus Prime Programmer and SignalTap™ II analyzer are installed with the SoC EDS for FPGA-adaptive debugging.