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Quartus Prime Design Software

Primed to Perform

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Enabling New Levels of Design Productivity

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What's New in 16.0

Altera’s Quartus® Prime design software, powered by the Spectra-Q™ engine, is primed to improve your productivity as you target Altera’s next generation devices with multi-million logic elements. Built on the success of Quartus II, Quartus Prime with the Spectra-Q engine consists of a new set of faster and more scalable algorithms, a new hierarchical database infustracture and a new unified compiler technology.  Quartus Prime Pro Edition software v16.0 also supports a new word-level framework for better performance and technology mapping.  Watch this webcast for more information about Quartus Prime.

The Quartus Prime software is available in three editions based on your design requirements: Pro, Standard, and Lite Edition.  

  • Quartus Prime Pro Editon–The Quartus Prime Pro Edition is optimized to support the advanced features in Altera’s next-generation FPGAs and SoCs, starting with the Arria 10 device family.
  • Quartus Prime Standard Edition–The Quartus Prime Standard Edition includes the most extensive support for Altera’s latest device families and requires a subscription license.
  • Quartus Prime Lite Edition–The Quartus Prime Lite Edition provides an ideal entry point to Altera’s high-volume device families and is available as a free download with no license file required

To compare the different features available in each edition, visit this page.  Download today and experience Quartus Prime 16.0 delivery of unbeatable performance with a full speed grade advantage for Arria® 10 devices.

Altera Intellectual Property 

In addition to these new exciting capabilities, the v16.0 release of Altera® IP features new additions and feature enhancements to the MegaCore® function portfolio. Click on the What's New in IP web page to learn about some of the exciting new features.