What's New

Announcing the Latest Intel® HLS Compiler Release with Intel Quartus® Prime Design Software v17.1!

The latest Intel® HLS Compiler for Intel Quartus® Prime design software v17.1 provides various capabilities to enable hardware programmers to use C++ for accelerating their FPGA development process.

The Intel High Level Synthesis Release Notes: Click here for information about the Intel HLS Compiler.

What's new with the Intel HLS Compiler:

  • Free with Intel Quartus Prime design software v17.1
  • Supported on the Lite, Standard, and Pro Editions of the Intel Quartus Prime design software
  • Intel Stratix® 10 FPGA support
  • New QRD design example
  • Math.h library with Intel Quartus Prime design software v17.1

Optimized results:

  • Targets hard-floating point blocks on Intel FPGAs
  • Increased fMAX with pipeline insertion
  • Increased throughput with parallelism
  • Maps to device hardware resources

Accelerated development:

  • Untimed C++ to optimized RTL, which results in orders of magnitude reduction in development time
  • Fast functional debug iterations
  • Export to Platform Designer (formerly Qsys) IP Library