The Intel® Advanced Link Analyzer is a state-of-the art jitter/noise eye link analysis tool that allows you to quickly and easily evaluate high-speed serial link performance. It is an ideal pre-design tool to help you understand how Intel FPGA solutions can fit your system requirements. It is also an effective tool for post-design support to assist in debug and validation.

The Intel Advanced Link Analyzer combines the speed of a statistical link simulator with the accuracy of a time-domain waveform-based simulator to form a new hybrid behavioral simulation paradigm. With the Intel Advanced Link Analyzer, you can quickly estimate the optimal link equalization and other electrical parameter settings for the transmitter and receiver of your system. You can also predict your link performance with high confidence.

Key Benefits and Features

The key benefits and features of the Intel Advanced Link Analyzer are as follows:

  • Reduces time to design success
    • Silicon and package characterization/correlation of integrated models
    • Link model and simulation comprehends process, voltage, and temperature (PVT) variations
    • Hybrid simulation with statistical and time-domain analysis
    • Non-return-to-zero (NRZ) and PAM4 modulation schemes
    • Reference clock jitter and phase-locked loop (PLL) subsystem
    • Forward error correction (FEC)
  • Provides ease of use
    • Self-contained, holistic link analysis tool
    • Push-button link analysis to enable simulation in minutes
    • Support for industry-standard models (e.g. IBIS-AMI 6.0/6.1 and Touchstone 2.0 S-Parameter)
    • Comprehensive link performance analysis: eye diagrams, bathtub curves, jitter analysis, and waveforms
    • Fast, accurate, and comprehensive link optimization
    • Channel compliance check (including COM) and characteristics analysis
    • Comprehensive channel design environment for what-if analysis

What's New for the Intel Advanced Link Analyzer in Intel Quartus® Prime Design Software v18.0

The Intel Advanced Link Analyzer in Intel Quartus® Prime design software has the following new features:

  • Intel(r) Stratix® 10 TX Family E-Tile IBIS-AMI with wrapper support
  • Channel Viewer new features
    • ICN calculation with modulation effect
    • ICN included in all channel analysis sessions
    • COM: Enable frequency scaling for OIF CEI and non standard data rates
  • Data Viewer new features
    • External .csv import for eye diagram and BER analysis
    • Increased number of plots to >200

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