Altera's Arria® II FPGAs deliver substantial cost and power savings over competing devices, while providing high functionality for 6G transceiver-based applications. The 40-nm Arria II family includes the lowest cost FPGA with 6.375-Gbps transceivers and devices with up to 50 percent lower static power vs. the competition.

Arria II FPGAs support vertical migration, so you can start your designs today with one device and move to a different density device later. Get an overview of the FPGA family's key features.

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To address design challenges involving high-speed serial transceivers, Arria II GX and GZ FPGAs are architected for low cost and low power and come with tools to help you meet these multiple challenges in parallel:

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Arria II GX and GZ FPGAs are backed by intellectual property (IP) functions, design guidelines, and collateral to help you design with ease in several market segments, such as wireless, broadcast, and military. Read More >>

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