Altera® design utilities (see Table 1) make designing with Cyclone™ II devices even easier.

Designers needing lower costs, more density, and functionality for high-volume applications can take advantage of more advanced device families in this series. These newer Cyclone families strengthen Altera's leadership position in solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications.

Designing with a Cyclone® III FPGA is easy. The design resources listed in Table 1 provide you with technical information to help you learn about, evaluate, and begin designing with a Cyclone III FPGA.

Table 1. Cyclone II Design Utilities

Design Utility Description
Device Family Overview Find the right Cyclone II device that meets your design requirements
Cyclone II Questions & Answers Get answers to common questions about Cyclone II devices
Quartus II Web Edition Software Free Icon Download the free Quartus® II Web Edition software (supports all Cyclone II devices and no license required)
IP MegaStore Select off-the-shelf megafunctions from Altera and its partners. Megafunctions are optimized for Altera devices, reducing design and test time, and can be evaluated in hardware and simulation prior to licensing.
Nios II Development Kit, Cyclone II Edition Get a complete Nios® II embedded processor prototyping and development environment
Serial Configuration Devices Learn about Altera's low-cost serial configuration devices, which provide fast configuration solutions for Cyclone II devices
DSP Builder Learn how to link The MathWorks MATLAB and Simulink environments with Altera's industry-leading Quartus II design software
Memory Solutions Center Find everything needed for designing memory interfaces with Altera FPGAs, including: technical documentation, software and tool support, characterization reports, intellectual property (IP) cores, reference designs, demonstration boards, and simulation models
Reconfigurable DSP Solutions Center See what DSP solutions are available from Altera: a broad range of support services, tools, and development platforms for implementing reconfigurable DSP designs in leading-edge FPGA devices
Parallel I/O Solutions Center Read about Altera's comprehensive I/O interface solution—support for a variety of single-ended and differential I/O standards, external memory, and high-speed interfaces—including PCI Express, PCI, and PCI-X—to meet users' high-bandwidth system requirements
Cyclone II Signal Integrity Center Access Cyclone II signal integrity design resources to help you develop, layout, and verify your high-speed design.
  1. Certain combinations of HSMC daughtercards and host boards have been tested by Altera, others have been tested by 3rd party vendors, other combinations have not.