Cyclone II Architecture

Altera's Cyclone® II FPGA family is designed on an all-layer-copper, low-k, 1.2-V SRAM process and is optimized for the smallest possible die size. Built on TSMC’s highly successful 90-nm process technology using 300-mm wafers, the Cyclone II FPGA family offers higher densities, more features, exceptional performance, and the benefits of programmable logic at ASIC prices.

The Cyclone II FPGA family extends the reach of FPGAs further into cost-sensitive, high-volume applications, continuing the success of the Cyclone FPGA family. Table 1 outlines the Cyclone II FPGA family's features and availability. Table 2 shows an overview of Cyclone II device packaging and user I/O pin counts. Table 3 shows the appropriate configuration devices to use for Cyclone II FPGAs. Table 4 shows the industrial temperature support for Cyclone II FPGAs.

Designers needing lower costs, more density, and functionality for high-volume applications can take advantage of more advanced device families in this series. These newer Cyclone families strengthen Altera's leadership position in solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications.

Table 1. Cyclone II FPGA Family Overview

Device EP2C5 EP2C8 EP2C15 EP2C20 EP2C35 EP2C50 EP2C70
LEs 4,608 8,256 14,448 18,752 33,216 50,528 68,416
M4K RAM Blocks
(4 kbits + 512 Parity Bits)
26 36 52 52 105 129 250
Embedded Memory (Kbits) 117 162 234 234 473 581 1,125
18-Bit x 18-Bit Embedded Multipliers 13 18 26 26 35 86 150
PLLs 2 2 4 4 4 4 4
Maximum User I/O Pins 158 182 315 315 475 450 622
Differential Channels 58 77 132 132 205 193 262
Availability Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
Cyclone II "A"
Fast On Variant (1)
Yes (3) Industrial
Yes (2) Industrial
  1. Certain devices have a Fast On variant that has a faster power-on reset (POR) time. This enables the FPGA to be operational in a shorter period of time than a regular Cyclone II device. These devices are distinguished with an “A” designation in the ordering code (e.g., EP2C8AF256I8N). For questions regarding the specification for these parts, refer to the Cyclone II data sheet. For questions regarding the availability of these parts, contact your Altera®representative.
  2. The EP2C15 device is only available with the Fast On option as an EP2C15A device.
  3. EP2C5A devices are only available in automotive-grade versions.

Table 2. Cyclone II Device Packages and Maximum User I/O Pins

Package Size
(mm x mm)
EP2C5 EP2C8 EP2C15 EP2C20 EP2C35 EP2C50 EP2C70
144-Pin TQFP (1)
(22 x 22)
89 85          
208-Pin PQFP (2)
(30.6 x 30.6)
142 138          
240-Pin PQFP
(32 x 32) (3)
256-Pin FineLine BGA (4)
(17 x 17)
158 182 152 152      
484-Pin Ultra FineLine BGA
(19 x 19)
        322 294  
484-Pin FineLine BGA
(23 x 23)
    315 315 322 294  
672-Pin FineLine BGA
(27 x 27)
        475 450 422
896-Pin FineLine BGA
(31 x 31)
  1. TQFP = Thin quad flat pack
  2. PQFP = Plastic quad flat pack
  3. For preliminary package information, contact Altera sales for additional information and availability
  4. BGA = Ball-grid array

Table 3. Appropriate Configuration Devices for Cyclone II FPGAs

Configuration Device Cyclone II Devices Supported
EP2C5 EP2C8 EP2C15 EP2C20 EP2C35 EP2C50 EP2C70

Table 4. Cyclone II Device Industrial Temperature Support

Device Package Speed Grade
EP2C5 144-pin TQFP 
256-pin FBGA 
208-pin PQFP
EP2C8 144-pin TQFP 
256-pin FBGA 
208-pin PQFP
EP2C20 256-pin FBGA 
484-pin FBGA
EP2C35 484-pin FBGA 
484-pin UFBGA 
672-pin FBGA
EP2C50 484-pin FBGA 
484-pin UFBGA 
672-pin FBGA
EP2C70 672-pin FBGA 
896-pin FBGA