Use our design utilities to make designing with Cyclone® devices even easier.  

Designers needing lower costs, more density, and functionality for high-volume applications can take advantage of more advanced device families in this series. These newer Cyclone families strengthen our leadership position in solutions for high-volume, low-cost applications.

Table 1. Cyclone FPGA Design Utilities

Design Utility Description
Device Family Overview Find the right Cyclone device for your design requirements.
Serial Configuration Devices Learn about these low-cost serial configuration devices, which provide fast configuration solutions for Cyclone devices.
Quartus® Design Software

The Quartus design software, available through the Software Subscription Program, supports all Cyclone devices.

DSP Builder Design with DSP Builder for Intel® FPGAs, a digital signal processing (DSP) development tool that interfaces with the MathWorks' industry-leading Simulink system-level DSP tool and our industry-leading
Memory Solution Center Learn about embedded memory in our devices as well as dedicated interfaces to high-speed external memory devices.
DSP Solution Center Discover the DSP solutions available from us.
Board Design Guidelines Solution Center Find out board design and manufacturing guidelines as well as board design resources.
Cyclone Questions & Answers Get answers to common questions about Cyclone devices.
Cyclone Product Backgrounder (PDF) Read more about the Cyclone device family features.
BSDL Files Download boundary scan description language (BSDL) files for Cyclone devices.
Pin-Out Files Download Cyclone pin-out files listing device pin-out descriptions.
PowerPlay Early Power Estimator Calculate the estimated power consumption for Cyclone devices based on typical conditions.
IBIS Models Download I/O buffer information specification (IBIS) models for Cyclone devices.