Stratix II FPGAs Deliver Tomorrow's Performance Today

  • 4-input LUT: Not good enough.
  • 5-input LUT: Still not good enough.
  • 6-input LUT: Close, but not as efficient. Wasted logic.
  • 8-Input fracturable LUT in Stratix® II FPGAs: Innovative and efficient.

Altera took three essential steps in developing Stratix II FPGAs to deliver tomorrow's performance today with its highly innovative 8-Input fracturable LUT structure in the adaptive logic module (ALM).

Three Steps to Innovation and Performance Leadership
Circles of Stratix II


Step 1
Defining methodology for Stratix II LUT

Step 2
Stratix II ALM

Step 3
Delivering tomorrow's performance today with Stratix II FPGAs