Stratix II GX Design Utilities

Using these design utilities makes designing with Stratix® II GX devices easy. Table 1 shows Stratix II GX design utilities and their descriptions.

Table 1. Stratix II GX Design Utilities

Design Utility Description
High-Speed Board Design Advisor

Use this set of technical briefs and guidelines, best design practices, and tools to get your high-speed board design right the first time.

Power Distribution Network Design Tool

Power distribution network (PDN) design tool is a graphical tool used with Stratix® II GX FPGAs to optimize the board-level PDN.

Stratix II GX Early SSN Estimator Evaluate the simultaneous switching noise in your design with the Early SSN Estimator spreadsheet.
Device Family Overview Find the right Stratix II GX device for your design.
SerialLite II Use this lightweight serial protocol with the Stratix II GX transceiver.
High-Speed Serial I/O Technology Center Our serial transceiver solutions support a number of different protocols and applications. This section describes the complete protocol solutions provided by Stratix GX and Stratix II GX FPGAs, including intellectual property (IP) and documentation.
Stratix II GX Eye Diagram Viewer Online characterization tool. Review the Stratix II GX transceiver eye diagram and the positive effects of using pre-emphasis, equalization, and VOD in a typical system.
Serial Configuration Devices Learn about our low-cost serial configuration devices, the lowest-cost configuration devices in the industry. Specifically engineered for maximum efficiency, our serial configuration devices deliver an advanced feature set while minimizing costs.
Software Support Read about Quartus® II design software, which provides the highest available performance for high-density FPGA designs.
SOPC Builder Read about SOPC Builder in Quartus II software, a system development tool that makes integrating IP cores at the system level easier than ever before.
DSP Builder Design with DSP Builder for Intel FPGAs, a digital signal processing (DSP) development tool that interfaces The MathWorks' industry-leading Simulink system-level DSP tool with the industry-leading Quartus II development software.
Memory Solution Center Learn about embedded memory in our devices as well as external memory interfaces. We offer programmable logic solutions with the latest memory technologies, abundant on-chip memory resources, and off-chip data storage, with support for external memory interfaces at up to 300 MHz to meet your high-speed system requirements.
Signal Integrity Center Understand signal integrity and learn how our devices can help overcome issues associated with high-speed I/O capability.
Board Design Guidelines Solution Center Find out about guidelines for board design and manufacturing as well as board design resources.
Stratix II GX Device Family Questions and Answers Get answers to common questions about Stratix II GX devices.
BSDL Files Boundary scan description language (BSDL) files for Stratix II GX devices are available now.
Pin-Out Files Stratix II GX pin-out files listing device pin-out descriptions are available now.
PowerPlay Early Power Estimator Calculate the estimated power consumption for Stratix II GX device logic based on typical conditions.
IBIS Models IBIS models for standard I/O modeling with Stratix II GX devices are available now.
HSPICE Models HSPICE models for transceiver I/Os will be available soon. Please contact your local sales representative for further information.