Based on a 1.2-V, 90-nm, SRAM process, Stratix® II devices offer a wide range of choices to fit your high-performance, high-density logic requirements:

For details about Stratix II FPGAs with embedded high-speed transceivers, see the Stratix II GX device pages.

Table 1 outlines the Stratix II device family members and features. Table 2 shows an overview of Stratix II device packaging and I/O pin counts. Table 3 shows industrial temperature support for Stratix II FPGAs.

Table 1. Stratix II Device Overview

Feature Device
EP2S15 EP2S30 EP2S60 EP2S90 EP2S130 EP2S180
Adaptive Logic Modules (ALMs) (1)6,24013,55224,17636,38453,01671,760
Equivalent LEs (1)15,60033,88060,44090,960132,540179,400
M512 RAM Blocks (512 Bits + Parity)104202329488699930
M4K RAM Blocks (4 Kbits + Parity)78144255408609768
M-RAM Blocks (512 Kbits + Parity)012469
Total RAM bits419,3281,369,7282,544,1924,520,4486,747,8409,383,040
DSP Blocks121636486396
Embedded 18-Bit x 18-Bit Multipliers (2)4864144192252384
Phase-Locked Loops (PLLs) (3)6612121212
Maximum User I/O Pins3665007189021,1261,170
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  1. Each ALM is equivalent to 2.5 LEs.
  2. Each DSP block in a Stratix II device can implement four 18×18 multipliers or one 36×36 multiplier. To obtain the total number of 36×36 multipliers per device, divide the total number of 18×18 multipliers by a factor of 4.
  3. Includes both fast and enhanced PLLs.

Table 2. Stratix II Device Package and Maximum User I/O Pins

Package Size
(mm x mm)
EP2S15 EP2S30 EP2S60 EP2S90 EP2S130 EP2S180
484-Pin FineLine BGA (FBGA) Package
(23 x 23)
484-Pin Hybrid FBGA
(27 x 27)
308 (1)
672-Pin FBGA
(27 x 27)
780-Pin FBGA
(29 x 29)
534 (1)534 (1)
1,020-Pin FBGA
(33 x 33)
1,508-Pin FBGA
(40 x 40)


  1. User I/O counts are preliminary and subject to change.

Table 3. Stratix II Device Industrial Temperature Support

Device Package (1) Speed Grade
EP2S15484-pin FBGA
672-pin FBGA
EP2S30484-pin FBGA
672-pin FBGA
EP2S60484-pin FBGA
672-pin FBGA
1,020-pin FBGA
EP2S90780-pin FBGA
1,020-pin FBGA
1,508-pin FBGA

780-pin FBGA
1,020-pin FBGA
1,508-pin FBGA


1,020-pin FBGA
1,508-pin FBGA



  1. BGA: ball-grid array
    FBGA: FineLine BGA package
    MBGA: Micro FineLine BGA package
    UBGA: Ultra FineLine BGA package
    PDIP: plastic dual in-line
    PLCC: plastic J-lead chip carrier
    PQFP: plastic quad flat pack
    RQFP: power quad flat pack
    SOIC: small-outline integrated circuit
    TQFP: thin-quad flat pack

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