Stop thinking about choosing between high density, high performance, or low power—start thinking about designing with high density, high performance, AND low power!

Think Stratix IV FPGA

You'll discover the 40 nm Stratix® IV FPGA family delivers the highest density, the highest performance, and the lowest power. Leveraging 40 nm benefits and proven transceiver and memory interface technology, the Stratix IV FPGA family provides an unprecedented level of system bandwidth with superior signal integrity. Key benefits include:

Altera's 40 nm Stratix IV FPGA family is ideal for your high-end digital applications in wireless, wireline, military, broadcast, and many other end markets.

Think high logic utilization and short compile times. Large FPGA designs require efficient design methodology and tool support. Quartus® II development software enables the highest Stratix IV FPGA performance and productivity by incorporating the highest logic utilization and the shortest compile times in the industry. The complete design environment includes:

With Altera at 40 nm, it's not about sacrificing one benefit to gain another. Go ahead, design without compromise—think AND, not or.

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