Altera's ACEX® 1K device family provides industry-leading low-cost devices for low-density design needs. For mid- and high-density designs, check out Altera's new lowest-cost FPGAs, the Cyclone™ II and Cyclone device families. The ACEX 1K device family offers low-density FPGAs that are ideal for price-sensitive applications, with price points as low as $3.25. The ACEX 1K device family operates at 2.5 V and can interface with 5.0-V, 3.3-V, and 2.5-V I/O circuitries.

ACEX 1K Description

ACEX 1K devices range in density from 576 to 4,992 logic elements (LEs) and provide optimum performance and features that enable the effective implementation of low-cost, low-density applications.

All ACEX 1K devices feature high-performance embedded RAM blocks that can implement dual-port RAM, read-only memory (ROM), first-in first-out buffers (FIFO) or logic. Full 64-bit, 66-MHz peripheral component interconnect (PCI) support is provided in order to fulfill a key requirement in high-performance communications systems. ACEX devices also feature phase-locked loops (PLLs) for clock management, including the ClockLock® feature to improve I/O performance and the ClockBoost® feature to multiply the system clock inside the ACEX 1K device. ACEX 1K devices also feature MultiVolt™ I/O operation, enabling them to interface with devices running at 5.0 V, 3.3 V, and 2.5 V. ACEX 1K devices utilize low-cost packaging technologies, including advanced FineLine BGA™ packages featuring the SameFrame™ migration capability.

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Software Support & Availability

ACEX 1K devices are available today and are supported by the Quartus II Web Edition Software. The Quartus II Web Edition software includes a complete environment for programmable logic device (PLD) design, including schematic- and text-based design entry, hardware description language (HDL) synthesis, place-and-route, verification, and programming. The Quartus II Web Edition software removes all barriers for designing and evaluating Altera® device architectures for high-performance applications. ACEX 1K devices are also supported in the MAX+PLUS II BASELINE software.