MAX 7000 Family: High-Performance CPLDs

MAX 7000 High-Performance CPLDs

Altera's MAX® 7000 CPLDs are based on the advanced Multiple Array Matrix (MAX) architecture and offer world-class, high-performance solutions for a broad array of applications. Manufactured on an advanced CMOS process, the electrically-erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM)-based MAX 7000 products provide instant-on capability, and offer densities from 32 to 512 macrocells with pin-to-pin delays as fast as 3.5 ns. MAX 7000 devices support in-system programmability (ISP) and can be easily reconfigured in the field.

Table 1. MAX Device Offerings
Density (Macrocells) MAX 7000AE (3.3 V) Fastest tPD (ns) (1)
32 3.5
64 3.5
128 4.0
160   6.0
192   7.5
256 5.0
512 5.5

Note to Table 1:

  1. tPD = Datapath delay from input to non-registered output

Advanced I/O Standards

Table 2. MAX 7000 I/O Support
Device Core Voltage Input Voltage Output Voltage Advanced I/O Support
1.8 V 2.5 V 3.3 V 5.0 V 1.8 V 2.5 V 3.3 V (1) 5.0 V GTL+ SSTL 2/3 64-Bit, 66-MHz PCI
MAX 7000AE 3.3 V            

Note to Table 2:

  1. 3.3-V outputs are compatible with 2.5-V and 5.0-V systems.

Broad Range of Packages

MAX 7000 devices are available in a broad range of packages. From traditional quad flat pack (QFP) to the advanced space-saving 1.0 mm FineLine BGA®, MAX 7000 devices satisfy today's design needs by offering a comprehensive packaging selection. All of the packages are optimized to support density migration, where different density devices in the same package have the same pin-out. The FineLine BGA® packages feature the SameFrame™ pin-out structure, which provides I/O migration within the same density. These migration options provide added flexibility in case design requirements change. 

MAX 7000AE devices are pin-to-pin compatible in the same package. By choosing MAX devices, a design engineer can save engineering time and shorten the design cycle if the logic requirement changes, since there is no need to alter the pin assignments.

Table 3: MAX 7000 Device Package Offerings

Package MAX 7000AE (3.3 V)
Plastic J-Lead Chip Carrier (PLCC)
Thin Quad Flat Pack (TQFP)
Plastic Quad Flat Pack (PQFP)
Power Quad Flat Pack (RQFP)  
1.0-mm Pitch FineLine BGA
0.8-mm Pitch UBGA  

More information on device packaging is available on the Device Packaging Specifications web page.

Superior Silicon Features

MAX 7000 devices are instant-on and non-volatile, and offer global clocking, in-system programmability, open-drain output, programmable power-up states, fast input set-up times, and programmable output slew-rate controls. Combined with many other silicon features, MAX 7000 devices can address a broad range of system-level applications.

Easy-to-Use Design Software

MAX devices are supported by the easy-to-use Quartus® II Web Edition and MAX+PLUS® II BASELINE design software. Both platforms provide synthesis, place-and-route, design verification, and device programming, and can be downloaded at no cost from the design software section of Altera's web site. The complimentary development tools available for designing with MAX devices help minimize the total development cost of end-user systems.

To sample or to purchase MAX 7000 devices, contact the nearest sales representative or distributor.