The capabilities of Altera® FPGAs have matured to a point where you can use the devices for more than simple glue logic. Altera FPGAs are becoming the heart of applications, and intellectual property (IP) plays a key role in enabling this evolution.

Altera has been developing and licensing IP for 17 years. From simple arithmetic functions to high-performance communications protocols, processor subsystems, and application-specific solutions, Altera IP enables you to create applications on Altera FPGAs for a wide range of markets. The combination of Altera IP and application-specific IP from a community of trusted partners simplifies your development effort while maximizing design productivity.

Accelerated Design Productivity

Altera has simplified the IP selection process by enabling the use of Altera and Partner IP throughout the Quartus® Prime design software flow from the time it is installed. The first step is to download the Quartus Prime design software, which includes all of the Altera IP, from our online Download Center.



IP Design Flow Graphic

The IP evaluation flow, called OpenCore Plus, delivers a powerful productivity advantage. With OpenCore Plus, you do not need to acquire a license before you can evaluate the IP. You can:

  • Simulate the core behavior within your system
  • Verify the design functionality and quickly evaluate its size and performance
  • Generate time-limited device programming files for designs that incorporate the Altera or partner IP
  • Program a device and verify the design in hardware

The majority of our IP partners also support the OpenCore Plus evaluation feature. For more information about core download, evaluation, and licensing, visit Altera's Getting Started page.

Core Parameterization

Altera IP cores are fully parameterizable. The IP configuration GUI shown in Figure 1 allows you to quickly and easily view documentation, specify parameters, set up third-party tools, and generate all the files necessary for integrating the parameterized Altera IP core into a design. You can launch an IP configuration GUI from the Quartus Prime IP Catalog, from the Qsys System Integration tool, or the DSP Builder tool.

Figure 1. PCI Express® Configuration Panel

Partnered with Experts

Altera has been partnering with leading third-party IP developers for over 10 years. These trusted partners bring complementary products and expertise while extending the range of applications you can implement with Altera FPGAs. Through the Altera Megafunction Partner Program (AMPPsm), partners gain access to software, training, hardware platforms, IP packaging tools, and direct support from Altera. Partner IP is optimized for Altera devices and pre-verified for use. Visit the Altera IP Partners page for a complete list of Altera's AMPP partners.

Development Kits

Altera and its partners offer a wide variety of development kits that are the ideal platforms to develop and test designs containing IP cores. Altera’s IP and development kit portfolios make a powerful combination that translates into the fastest possible time to market. The development kit page contains a complete list of Altera and partner development kits.