New Feature Additions and Enhancements

Intel® Quartus® Prime design software v17.1 features new additions and enhancements to the Intel FPGA IP portfolio. Support for the Intel Stratix® 10 and Intel Cyclone 10® Intel FPGA IP portfolio are available in the Intel Quartus Prime design software.

PCI Express

Intel Stratix® 10 Device Family

  • PCI Express* (PCIe*) Gen3 solutions available
    • Gen3x16 supported with streaming interface
    • Up to Gen3x8 supported with memory mapped and memory mapped direct memory access (DMA) interfaces
    • Gen3x16 Single Root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)
      • 4 Physical Function and 2048 Virtual Function support
    • Dynamic design examples include Linux* and Windows* software applications
      • Software application source code provided for Linux
    • Configuration via Protocol (CvP) Initialization and Update support

Intel Cyclone® 10 GX Device Family

  • PCI Express (PCIe*) Gen2x4 solutions available
    • Supported with streaming, memory mapped, and memory mapped direct memory access (DMA) interfaces 
    • Configuration via protocol (CvP) Initialization and Partial Reconfiguration over PCIe (PRoP)

External Memory Interface


Intel Stratix® 10 Device Family

Intel Cyclone 10 Device Family



Device Support

Device support for all Intel FPGA Design Solutions Network (DSN) member IP cores can be found on the Find IP page. 

To learn more about Intel FPGA IP see the IP Brochure (PDF) and our DSN member portfolio of IP solutions.

Support for the Intel FPGA IP portfolio is available in the Intel Quartus Prime software. This includes additional IP cores, such as SerialLite III, CPRI, RapidIO, and JESD204B.