The World's Most Versatile Processor

With the perfect fit of CPUs, peripherals, memory interfaces, and custom hardware peripherals to meet the unique demands of every new design cycle, Nios® II processors offer you tremendous flexibility where you need it:

  • Optimized family of CPUs—Choose from among several Nios II CPUs, each one optimized for a specific price/performance point, and all supported by the same software tool chain.
  • Customizable peripheral set—Using Quartus Prime software and included embedded peripherals, you create the exact set of peripherals, memories, and I/O circuitry needed for any application, even configurations not available in off-the-shelf processors.
  • Choice of target silicon—Altera offers a wide range of FPGAs, covering a wide range of cost/performance needs. Nios II processors support all of Altera's mainstream FPGAs.
  • Performance scalability—Boost software performance using hardware accelerators, custom instructions, and of course multi-processor systems. Now Altera even offers tools for automated acceleration.

A major challenge facing embedded developers is selecting a processor that best fits the application without overspending for performance or sacrificing features. There are hundreds of processors available, from many suppliers, each with a different set of peripherals, memories, interfaces, and performance characteristics. Inevitably, you wind up either paying too much (to ensure that you don't miss the mark on features or performance) or getting less than you need (to avoid overspending on features or performance that your application doesn't need).