Middleware and Graphics Libraries

  1. Included with the Nios II Embedded Design Suite but licensed separately.
  2. Included with the Nios II Embedded Design Suite.

Software Development Tools

Company Product Description
Mentor Embedded Sourcery CodeBench GNU toolchain support for embedded Linux on the Nios II processor.
Altium Tasking Toolset Optimizing C compiler, assembler, linker, and locator.
(formerly FS2)
System Navigator The System Navigator probe for Nios II processors is designed to support the special features and integrated peripherals of the Nios II cores embedded in Intel FPGAs.
(Open-source community)
Linux* Toolchain Linux toolchain from the (open-source community).
Altera Wiki
(Open-source community)
µCLinux Toolchain µLinux toolchain from the Altera Wiki (open-source community).