Documentation: Nios® II Processor

These handbooks serve as the primary documentation for the Nios® II processor:

  • The Nios® II (Gen2) Processor Reference Guide (ver 2016.10.28)  answers the question "What is the Nios II processor?" and is the primary reference for the Nios II processor architecture
  • The Nios® II (Gen2) Software Developer's Handbook (ver 2017.05.08)  answers the question "How do I write programs for the Nios II processor?" and is the primary reference for programming the Nios II processor
  • The Embedded Design Handbook (ver 2017.11.06) describes how to most effectively use the Nios II Embedded Design Suite (EDS) tools and helps to increase the efficiency of developing, debugging, and optimizing Nios II processor-based embedded systems
  • The Embedded Peripherals IP User Guide (ver 2017.11.06)  describes our peripherals that work seamlessly with the Nios II processor and are included with the Intel Quartus® Prime software
  • The Nios II Floating Point Hardware 2 Component User Guide (ver 2016.05.03)  describes how to use the floating-point hardware 2 (FPH2) component with the Nios II processor. The FPH2 component is provided by Intel and included with the Intel Quartus Prime software.

Other related documents, such as tutorials and application notes cover specific topics that are not included in the handbooks.

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These files provide a snapshot of the Nios II processor, Nios II-dependent GNU toolchain, Platform Designer (formerly Qsys), and embedded peripherals documentation. After extracting the files, refer to the documentation.htm file for a list of documents that are included.

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