FPGAs with Near Memory in Package

Intel's near memory solutions integrate high-density DRAM close to the FPGA, within the same package. In this configuration, the in-package memory is accessible significantly faster, up to 10X higher bandwidth when compared to traditional main memory. A near-memory configuration also reduces system power by reducing traces between the FPGA and memory, while also reducing board area.

DRAM system-in-package (SiP) solutions leverage high-bandwidth memory 2 (HBM2) to eliminate memory bandwidth bottlenecks in high-performance systems that are processing an ever-increasing amount of data; including data center, broadcast, wireline networking, and high-performance computing systems.


HBM2 DRAM is a 3D memory that vertically stacks multiple DRAM die using through silicon via (TSV) technology. Compared to discrete DDR based solutions, HBM2 DRAM provides higher memory bandwidth, lower system power, and smaller form factor, thereby providing the best bandwidth/watt.

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Stratix 10 MX devices integrate HBM2 tiles alongside a high-performance monolithic 14 nm FPGA die to offer over 10X higher memory bandwidth relative to discrete DRAM solutions.