Architecture Matters: Choosing the Right SoC FPGA for Your Application

A system-on-chip’s architecture really matters. It matters for performance, reliability, and productivity. See why Intel® SoC FPGAs are leading the industry with higher bandwidth interconnect, extensive error correction code (ECC) and the ARM* Development Studio 5 Intel SoC FPGA Edition with FPGA-adaptive capabilities.

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Choosing an SoC

A Look Inside SoC FPGAs: Architecture Analysis Videos with Embedded Experts

In this series of short videos, Jim examines key architectural considerations when selecting an SoC FPGA.

SoC FPGA Resources and Ecosystem

Intel SoC FPGAs are supported by a broad ecosystem, rich set of example designs, and extensive documentation. Learn how Intel SoC FPGAs can help you solve today’s system design challenges.


Cyclone® V SoCs and Arria® V SoCs have been optimized for maximum system performance on many dimensions. Learn more about these aspects and how they can be applied to benefit your system design using the resources below.

Reliability and Flexibility

Dig deeper on Reliability and Flexibility with the resources below.

Cost and Power

Cost and power are challenges that have plagued electronic system designers for decades, but, good news! Our SoC FPGAs are up to the task for today’s generation of designs. Click the links below to learn more about how our SoC FPGAs can benefit your design in these two critical areas.

Development Tools

Our SoC FPGAs are 100% ARM compatible and supported by a rich ecosystem of OS support, software and hardware development tools. Click the links below to research more on these aspects.

Example Designs / IP

Videos / Webinars

System On Modules (SoMs)

Development Kits

OS Support

Architecture Briefs

White Papers / Application Notes

Software Development Tools

FPGA Design Tools


Our leadership and innovation in FPGAs extends to the future with SoCs. In addition to silicon products, these innovations include silicon process technology, software development tools and system architecture. Learn more about the future direction for our SoC FPGAs and how it can benefit your system designs through the following links.