SoC Quick Start Guides

Congratulations. You have your new Intel® SoC FPGA Development Kit. Now what?

The SoC FPGA Development Kits are preconfigured with Linux and a reference design example called the Golden System Reference Design. As such, it is simple to unpack the board and contents, connect the power supply, and any required communication cables, such as Ethernet, UART, or USB. After powering-up the board, it will immediately boot and run useful examples.  There is no need to download any additional tools or software to perform the initial power-up of the board.

After the initial power-up, there are a number of steps to follow. You can download software, tools, and additional examples and begin building and running applications on the board. These options are covered in the board-specific Quick Start Guide.  

Select the specific development kit to view the detailed Quick Start Guide for that board.