FPGA Designer

FPGA designers can now develop accelerator functions using any Hardware Description Language (HDL) (e.g. Verilog/VHDL). A great way to get started is to simply select a platform and use the provided FPGA Interface Manager to seemlessly integrate your accelerator function with the software framework and applications on Intel® Xeon® CPUs. 

High-Level Designer

Accelerator functions can be developed using a high-level design language (e.g. OpenCL™) by simply selecting a platform and using the provided OpenCL board support package (BSP) to seamlessly integrate the developed accelerator function with software framework and applications on Intel® Xeon® CPUs. 

Software Developer

Software developers can make use of the Open Programmable Acceleration Engine software programming layer to develop libraries, frameworks, and applications that call accelerator functions implemented in FPGA hardware. 

For quick answers, known issues, and errata, search our Knowledge Base.  For acceleration stack support, file a mySupport service request under the category “Acceleration.”

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