Making a Smarter Rear-View Camera

Rear-view cameras or back-up camera systems provide a fisheye distortion corrected image on the display of a head unit. Next-generation automotive vision systems will automatically identify threatening objects and actively control the automobile to avoid accidents.

This increased functionality requires more computational power from video processing engines. Traditional digital signal processing (DSP) processors or microcontrollers do not have enough power for real-time video processing and analytics as the resolution of the images increases to megapixel sensors.

Altera FPGA Video Analytics Performance vs. DSP










- data courtesy of Eutecus, Inc.

With an FPGA inside the electronic control unit (ECU) or camera module of your automotive system design, you get the following features:

  • Ability to integrate custom intellectual property (IP) for video processing, fisheye correction, sensor interface, and video analytics into a single low-cost device
  • Customized video analytics algorithms for optimal results and highest probability of detection
  • Sensor-independent video processing and analytics as sensor interface can be customized to manufacturer requirements
  • A single platform that easily scales for different camera resolutions and lens types without having to redesign the system
  • Ability to scale image size and add overlays for parking assist using our Video and Image Processing Suite IP
  • Automotive networking protocol IP for CAN, Ethernet, and LVDS interfaces
  • Cyclone® V and Cyclone V SoC FPGAs for high-performance video processing engines and software algorithms in active and passive rear-view cameras