Surround-view or 360° car view cameras in automotive system designs let drivers see a 360° image surrounding the vehicle and are especially useful in slow-moving parking applications. Surround-view processors require many I/Os to allow connectivity of four or more camera sensors, real-time stitching of images, and perspective correction that enables a normal-looking view outside a vehicle.

Many OEMs want to place custom camera sensors in different locations around the vehicles, process different sensor resolutions, and output an image onto various size displays in the vehicle. FPGAs are a cost-effective solution, providing the flexibility to integrate data from multiple sensors and processing power to perform real-time image stitching for high-definition (HD) video streams at 30 frames per second (Fps) and above.

With an FPGA system on a chip inside the electronic control unit (ECU) of your automotive vision system, you get the following features:

  • Image processing intellectual property (IP) for video processing, sensor interfaces, and video analytics
  • Cyclone® V and Cyclone V SoCs for high-performance video processing engines and software algorithms
  • Automotive networking protocol IP for CAN, Ethernet, and LVDS interfaces
  • Ability to scale image size and add overlays for parking assist using our Video and Image Processing Suite IP
  • High-resolution (720p+) image sensor processing
  • Ability to scale performance across different FPGA densities in the same package footprint
  • External memory bandwidth up to 32-bit wide DDR3 SDRAM interfaces at 400 MHz

Surround-View Camera Block Diagram