Infotainment Differentiation

Automotive infotainment systems are an integral part of modern vehicle design and greatly influence global vehicle sales. You need to continually create compelling new technology that both rivals and complements the latest consumer devices while keeping up with the pace of product obsolescence common in consumer electronics.

It is important to select the right main system processor to differentiate the system’s user interface with the latest graphics. Should you choose a high-performance SoC with a GPU or a CPU with applications that can be upgraded with software? With multiple models to support, you may need to select several different SoCs due to system variations and emerging interfacing technologies. This is neither cost effective nor efficient usage of engineering resources.

By using our FPGAs as an I/O companion, you can support any combination of I/O interfaces. You may also leverage the FPGA as an efficient coprocessor to offload functions from your host main processor such as video scaling and graphics acceleration. With an FPGA, your system becomes easily scalable, enabling you to upgrade firmware on the fly to support multiple manufacturers, regions, and models with minimum changes to the hardware.

Pre and Post Video Processing Companion Application

Benefits of FPGA's in Infotainment

  • Support multiple camera inputs in any bit rate or resolution via video select and front-end processing
  • Support multiple display interfaces and offloads GPU
  • Optimize system performance by integrating 2D/3D graphic accelerator, scalar, image enhancer, and interface protocol bridge
  • Reduce cost by integrating radio digital signal processing (DSP) into FPGA with software-based radio IP
  • Accelerate time to market by supporting the latest generation of interface standards in programmable logic
  • Minimize PCB spins and future-proof your system with in-field upgrades to the FPGA

Common Connectivity and Graphics IP for Infotainment

Connectivity IP Source
DisplayPort ALTERA MegaCore 
PCI Express® (PCIe® ) ALTERA Hard IP (select devices)
USB 3.0 SLS Corp.
DisplayPort Bitec
Graphics IP Source
Video and Image Processing (VIP) Suite
  • Scaler
  • Deinterlacer
  • Color space converter
  • 2D finite impulse response (FIR) filter
  • 2D median filter
  • Alpha blender
ALTERA (suite of 18 video and image processing IP)
2D/3D Graphics, HMI, Video IO TES
Video and Graphics Imagem Technology
H.264 CAST, Jointwave