Safety First!

Functional safety has long been a key strategic imperative for us, and Altera was the first FPGA supplier to achieve IEC 61508 functional safety certification for the industrial market. That early commitment and investment has put us in a leading position to execute on our ISO 26262 functional safety plan for automotive applications.

Intel® is an active member of the ISO 26262 working group and our functional safety manager co-chairs the ISO 19451 PLD sub-group, which helps to drive PLD requirements into the 2nd edition of the ISO 26262 standard.

Intel’s Leadership in Functional Safety Expands to ISO 26262

The automotive industry is adding multiple active safety systems to reduce the risk of injury and harm. Adapted from the IEC 61508 functional safety standard, the ISO 26262 automotive electronic system safety standard helps you avoid systematic faults and also detect, control, and mitigate any random hardware faults that may cause a malfunction of the system.

To simplify and speed up your certification process, we are working with TÜV Rheinland, an independent third-party assessor specializing in functional safety testing and certification, to receive qualification to ISO 26262. Altera is the first FPGA supplier whose FPGA devices, diagnostics IP, development tools, and FPGA design flow are all certified for the IEC 61508 functional safety standard. Our Functional Safety Data Pack (FSDP) typically saves customers 12-18 man months in certifying their safety applications.

Safety Package Development Timeline Comparison

Altera’s Cyclone® V SoC family will be the first family qualified for ISO 26262 with our Automotive Functional Safety Data Pack (AFSDP). A detailed safety manual and general FMEDA application note are available now to start your design along with a suite of diagnostics IP. Additionally, we are developing a detailed FMEDA calculator tool to support required hardware architectural metric calculations. Audit and certification for ISO 26262 are scheduled for mid-2015 with the release of the AFSDP in January 2016 for Cyclone V SoC family.

Altera’s functional safety approach is a holistic one, which provides guidance in methodology, backed up with qualified tools that increase your tool confidence and may eliminate the use of redundant tool chains. Next, we offer a safety- ready suite of diagnostics IP and expert technical support along with our certified PLDs. Functional safety documentation, reliability reports, and our TÜV certificate will assist you in the certification of your systems.

Safety first!

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