Title Release Date
Automotive Quality Brochure July 2015
Automotive Brochure 2014-2015
Automotive-Grade Device Handbook  May 2016
Application Notes
AN 407: Automotive Audio Reference Design Oct 2014
AN 391: Profiling Nios II Systems Jul 2011
AN 361: Interfacing DDR & DDR2 SDRAM With Cyclone II Devices Jun 2006
AN 373: Avalon Video Input Module Dec 2004
AN 372: Avalon LCD Controller Dec 2004
AN 371: Automotive Graphics System Reference Design Dec 2004
AN 348: Interfacing DDR SDRAM with Cyclone Devices Jul 2004
User Guides
Altera Phase-Locked Loop (Altera PLL) Megafunction User Guide Aug 2014
DisplayPort IP Core User Guide  
PowerPlay Early Power Estimator User Guide Jul 2014
Nios II Custom Instruction User Guide Jan 2011
White Papers
Improving Battery Management System Performance and Cost with Altera FPGAs Jan 2015
FPGA-Based Control for Electric Vehicle and Hybrid Electric Vehicle Power Electronics Dec 2013
A Safety Methodology for ADAS Designs in FPGAs Nov 2013
Reducing Steps to Achieve Safety Certification Nov 2011
Driving Flexibility Into Automotive Electronics Design Mar 2010
Six Ways to Replace a Microcontroller With a CPLD Jul 2009
Generating Panoramic Views by Stitching Multiple Fisheye Images May 2009
Developing Multipoint Touch Screens and Panels With CPLDs Feb 2009
Controlling Analog Output From a Digital CPLD Using PWM Nov 2008
A Flexible Architecture for Fisheye Correction in Automotive Rear-View Cameras Oct 2008
Applying Graphics to FPGA-Based Solutions Sep 2008
Creating Low-Cost Intelligent Display Modules With an FPGA and Embedded Processor Sep 2008
Comparing IP Integration Approaches for FPGA Implementation Feb 2008
An FPGA Design Security Solution Using a Secure Memory Device Oct 2007
A Flexible Architecture to Drive Sharp Two-Way Viewing Angle and Standard LCDs Mar 2007
Satisfying the Demand for Rapid Feature Enhancement in Consumer Display Products Mar 2007
Implementing a Flexible CPLD-Only Digital Dashboard for Automobiles Sep 2008
Reduce System Costs By Integrating PCI Interface Functions Into CPLDs Mar 2008
FPGAs for High-Performance DSP Applications May 2005

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