In the broadcast and movie production segments, there is a need for digital cameras that perform at various levels of performance and at different associated end costs. Run and gun, or compact, mobile cameras need fewer functions and a low cost, digital news gathering, studio, or second unit cameras require intermediate functionality, and cinema grade cameras require the highest level of performance and functionality. Intel® FPGAs and related IP cores can accomplish these tasks while providing a higher level of flexibility, lower risk, reduced engineering costs, and faster time to market than an off-the-shelf solution.

Intel and its partners provide IP solutions from image capture to data output.

Northwest Logic develops an IP solution that interfaces the image sensor to the host device that is designed according to the MIPI alliance standard. The core implements all three layers defined by the CSI-2 specification (Pixel to Byte Packing, Low Level Protocol, and Lane Management), and is fully compliant with the CSI-2 specification. Separate transmit (TX) and receive (RX) versions of the core are available.  

The Intel® FPGA Video and Image Processing Suite provides a complete collection of MegaCore® functions that are used to facilitate the development of custom video and image processing designs. These MegaCore functions are suitable for use in a wide variety of image processing and display applications, such as video surveillance, broadcast, video conferencing, and medical and military imaging.

To output the processed data, we DisplayPort MegaCore function enables DisplayPort standard functionality. Furthermore, our SDI IP solutions provide SD-SDI, SD-SDI, 3G-SDI and 12G-SDI output capabilities. A variety of Ethernet streaming capabilities such as Gigabity Ethernet and 10G Ethernet are also provided as Intel and partner IP.