Welcome to Broadcast acquisition page. Here you can learn about the wide range of solutions that we provide for the acquisiton market. Modern digital cameras and associated hardware and software are often required to perform at the highest levels managing the flow of still or video images and associated metadata. Intel has solutions to address the need to:

  • Perform video and image processing prior to output (scaling, color space conversion, chroma resampling, de-interlacing, gamma correcting, etc.)
  • Perform audio sample rate conversion – no matter what the camera’s internal audio sample rate, you can now output the audio at the broadcast standard rate of 48 kHz
  • Output the camera data using your video transport of choice whether it's 12G SDI, DisplayPort, HDMI, or Ethernet

Intel offers three classes of FPGA solutions at various levels of power consumption, speed and processing power to meet specific customer needs. High-end Stratix® series capabilites allow the highest performance, mid-range Arria® series are in the instersection of power and performance, and lower end Cylcone® and MAX® devices provide low cost and power while maintaining a significant level of performance. 

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