The broadcast environment uses a variety of displays, including standalone LCD monitors, LCD or LED video walls, and projectors. These displays can generally accept a variety of digital and analog connection standards as shown in the diagram below. Many displays also include some form of image processing, which means functions like scaling can be done before reaching the display or done by the display itself.  The choice will likely be based upon which location does a better job.

The display's video processing engine output is not formatted in a DVI, HDMI, or SDI format as with a MultiViewer, for example.  Instead, it is formatted for internal transfer of the video information directly to the display itself.  This is typically done with either LVDS or its replacement, V-by-One. 

You can effectively integrate all of this functionality cost effectively using an Intel® FPGA. Core IP blocks to support the integration include:

  • Core input/output IP to support DVI, DisplayPort, HDMI or SDI connectivity
  • A Video Image Processing (VIP) MegaCore with all the functionality needed to process any input video and format it as needed for output
  • V-by-One and LVDS IP