An Efficient Architecture for Multi-Resolution Video Applications
13 minutes

Watch this webcast to learn how to apply our component-based design approach to many different video systems and gain numerous benefits by improving the resource utilization of memory, logic and DSP resources. You’ll learn how you can respond faster to customer demands and create a platform that is scalable to both high performance and low cost systems.

David Shih, Technical Marketing Manager, Broadcast Business Unit


Implementing FPGA Design with OpenCL – A Future Look
15 minutes


Watch this webcast to find out about a new technology for FPGAs called OpenCL. You'll learn about the market drivers and embedded technology enablers, the benefits of using FPGAs as hardware accelators, and how OpenCL fits in an FPGA-based design environment.


Jordon Inkeles, Sr. Manager, Software and DSP


Balancing Power, Performance, and Cost with Arria V FPGAs
23 minutes


View this webcast to learn how Arria® V FPGAs have been optimized to improve power consumption and save cost without sacrificing performance. You’ll learn about the new 28-nm core architecture and how the use of the 28-nm Low-Power (28LP) process and other unique innovations significantly improves your power consumption and saves you cost.


Martin Won, Senior Member of Technical Staff


Accelerate Your Video Design with an FPGA and IP Cores
18 minutes


Watch this webcast to find out how a customizable solution and quick intellectual property (IP) integration helps you build your video design faster – whether for simple format conversion or advanced digital video processing.


Richard Yang, Sr. Product Marketing Engineer


Scale Beyond 1080p with 4K Design Methodology
18 minutes


In this webcast, you will learn how our FPGAs and video framework simplify your 4K-resolution video system design and support multi-channel format conversion. Our FPGAs and video framework will also reduce your system cost and complexity. You will see how the ready-to-use reference designs that perform up and down conversions help you kick start your system development.


Girish Malipeddi, Technical Marketing Manager