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Welcome to Altera's Broadcast webpage. Here you can learn about the wide range of broadcasting solutions that Altera provides.


The Broadcast video market is undergoing many exciting changes as the industry looks to address the latest trends of Ultra-High-Definition (UHD), multi-platform content delivery, cloud computing and video transport over IP networks.  As with any changes, this brings a multitude of challenges to the equipment providers as well as many opportunities.


FPGA's Advantage

Altera's FPGAs are in a perfect position to help equipment manufacturers address these areas by allowing for:

  • Shortest time to market with off-the-shelf complete standard IP suites enabling you to be first in addressing the latest market trends
  • Highest degree of flexibility accommodating rapid design changes, allowing you to quickly respond to the dynamic market trends and constantly developing standards
  • Customizable solutions allowing for differentiation of products through your own proprietary IP
  • Access to the latest silicon process nodes combining industry breakthroughs in transceiver, memory, core processing technologies and design tools


Altera FPGAs provides these advantages across all markets throughout the broadcast video workflow.  Click the images above to find out how you can partner with Altera to differentiate your products in Acquisition (Cameras and Capture cards), Contribution (Encoders, Decoders, Transcoders), Production (Switchers, Routers, Converter boxes, etc.), Distribution (Edge QAM, CCAP), or Consumption (Multiviewers, Video conferencing, Monitors, etc.). 


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