• Studio Applications

Accelerating Pro A/V and Studio Innovations

The Pro A/V and Studio industries are undergoing many exciting changes with UHD video, multi-platform content delivery, transport over IP networks, and  cloud computing. The 2016 Rio Olympics will air in 4K with Japan planning to broadcast the 2020 Tokyo Olympics in 8K.  Additionally, on-line video steaming services can now provide 4K and 4K HDR content to viewers.

Media standards are continuously evolving to keep up with ever changing technology requirements driven by higher resolutions, faster frame rates, deeper  color, and the move to IP networks. Minimizing the costs and risks of new technology rollouts caused by market uncertainties has become a priority. Scalable and flexible FPGA solutions future-proof Studio and Pro A/V applications by minimizing risk, decreasing development costs, and reducing time to market. Check out our high-performance, programmable solutions and integrate your differentiated IP with our comprehensive, plug-and-play video processing and connectivity IP portfolio.

FPGA's Advantatge

Quick Time to Market

Shortest time to market with off-the-shelf complete standard IP suites enabling you to be first in addressing the latest market trends.

High Performance

Access to the latest silicon process nodes combining industry breakthroughs in transceiver, memory, core processing technologies and design tools.


Highest degree of flexibility accommodating rapid design changes, allowing you to quickly respond to the dynamic market trends, constantly developing standards and rapidly evolving infrastructure. 

Customizable Solutions

Customizable solutions allowing for differentiation of products through your own proprietary IP.

Scale & Standarize

- Scalable core, I/O performance, memory, and power requirements within and among different product families. 

- Standardization on a single platform across product lines and adjacent applications thus reducing schedule and obsolescence risks  

Long Product Lifecycles

Designing systems that meet requirements for safety, quality, and reliability over very long system deployment lifetimes.

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