Intel® FPGAs are heavily used in high-frequency trading and portfolio risk management applications. With unique features (such as 10 TFLOPS of IEEE 754 floating point operations, pipelining capabilities, and ultra-low latency delivering one result per clock for long formulas), Intel FPGAs excel at Monte Carlo simulations. The Options Price Reporting Authority (OPRA) allows protocols to be described in OpenCL™ for financial data streaming and options trading. Additionally, you can customize your design with our Math Kernal Libraries (MKL), and our financial library tool enables your business potential.

Success Story: Metamako

Metamako has evolved high-speed switching hardware to leverage what on-board FPGAs can deliver. With Intel FPGAs, the Metamako family of ultra-low latency, highly intelligent switches achieve packet aggregation in a deterministic 69 nanoseconds, far superior to traditional switch latency. In packet capture use cases, Intel FPGA functionality enables tapping, aggregation, and time stamping all in one device, which simplifies networks and reduces capital cost.