Data demands on IT continue to increase — from delivering high availability and managing storage to conducting near-real-time analytics. Relational databases and SQL continue to be the backbones for enterprise-class data analytics. Swarm64 offers an innovative add-on to PostgresSQL* that works with most common database and storage applications. It enables IT to handle large amounts of high-velocity data and helps eliminate the risks and costs inherent in introducing new IT systems. Most importantly, Swarm64SDA* is designed to significantly speed up data processing and analytics for demanding workloads. Swarm64SDA utilizes the latest generation Intel® FPGAs to deliver industry-leading performance for analytics use cases.

Solution Brief: Swarm64SDA* delivers fast, innovative data analytics solution with Intel® FPGAs

Swarm64SDA scales to many billions of rows and millions of inserts per second, helping to turn massive amounts of structured and unstructured data into actionable insight. It supports a wide spectrum of Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities, such as monitoring network connections, gathering sensor outputs from an array of intelligent devices, and ingesting behavioral data from customers or telemetry data from data centers or machine parks. Swarm64’s fast analytics on large, near-real-time datasets enable immediate action for use cases such as threat detection, customer conversion, and predictive maintenance.

The solution is easy to use and cost-effective, seamlessly adding onto most common databases including PostgreSQL, MariaDB*, and MySQL*.

Swarm64’s innovative approach is based on redesigning the data structures of the database and the data flow during processing, so that less data is touched during a query and data that needs to be processed moves faster through the system. The Intel FPGA increases I/O throughput and reduces the amount of data and the number of operations that the CPU needs to process. A software layer wraps the Intel FPGA processing and the proprietary data structures into an add-on that links to supported databases through standard interfaces.

The Swarm64 solution enables seamless cooperation between the CPU and the Intel FPGA, overcoming the latency increase and bandwidth limitations of storage accessed via the network or in a typical cloud infrastructure. This decouples storage from compute, enabling resource elasticity and an excellent cost-to-performance ratio.

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