NAND Flash

Solid state storage continues to grow in importance for data center operations. Faster than hard drives and cheaper than DRAM, flash memory provides a valuable middle ground. As NAND memory progresses, producers have stopped looking at closer node topologies for planar NAND in favor of 3D NAND arrays to drive SSD dollars/GB closer to hard drives. To further their appeal, storage controllers can improve upon flash memory units by increasing their efficiency and life expectancy.

Intel® FPGAs working with NVMdurance technology offer a memory controller (block diagram above) that extends SSD lifetimes and reduces chance of bit corruption. As 3D NAND continues to develop, FPGA-based controllers offer the re-configurability to keep up with frequently changing array structures.  Additionally, these controllers help reduce the degradation seen in the later stages of SSD lifecycles keeping performance better for longer.