Understanding market trends and changes to technical standards is important to ensure the right solution is always available for customers. Involvement in industry consortia is an excellent way to understand and influence technology trends. Altera is involved in the following consortia.

Computer and Storage Webcast

Implementing FPGA Design with OpenCL – A Future Look
15 minutes

Watch this webcast to find out about a new technology for FPGAs called OpenCL. You'll learn about the market drivers and embedded technology enablers, the benefits of using FPGAs as hardware accelators, and how OpenCL fits in an FPGA-based design environment.

Jordon Inkeles, Sr. Manager, Software and DSP

Enhance Your Productivity with Faster Design Compile Times
18 minutes

When choosing your FPGA design software, be sure to consider compile time, a key productivity advantage. In this webcast, you'll learn how Altera's Quartus® II design software delivers a 2X to 3X compile time advantage over competitive software.

Richard Yang, Product Marketing Engineer