Differentiate Your Drive

Motors and drives power countless industrial processes in production, assembly, packaging, robotics, computer numerical control (CNC), machine tools, pumps, and industrial fans. These motor-driven systems account for more than two-thirds of industrial energy consumption, making their efficient operations vital to factory profits.

Efficient Motor Control Designs with Altera FPGAs and SoCs

Designing motor control and motion control systems with Altera® FPGAs and SoCs can result in significant reduction in overall cost of ownership through:

  • System integration: Lower bill of materials (BOM), power consumptio,n and reliability challenges by integrating industrial networking, functional safety, encoder, and power stage interfaces and DSP control algorithms in a single device.
  • Scalable performance: Use a single scalable platform across entire product lines. Achieve higher performance with faster and more advanced control loops.
  • Functional safety: Reduce compliance time and effort. Altera is the first FPGA supplier to obtain qualification of our devices and tools under the Machinery Directive safety standard IEC 61508.