Government, municipalities, financial institutions, and businesses are driving new uses for video surveillance technologies beyond crime prevention or security into applications such as asset management, risk mitigation, and safety.

The challenge for camera manufacturers, however, is developing “smarter” cameras at lower price points. More and more, digital high-definition (HD) Internet protocol surveillance cameras are replacing analog cameras because of lower installation costs, scalability, and the ability to add intelligence.

Wide dynamic range (WDR) CMOS image sensor technology, for example, provides high-quality images with better resolution and higher performance under very harsh lighting conditions. The following figure illustrates how an Altera® FPGA is the central interface for WDR CMOS sensors.

Advanced video analytics is replacing simple motion detection to automate the monitoring of video, which can result in significant cost savings. Learn how Altera FPGAs can be used for advanced video analytics.

Altera FPGAs play a key design role in these next-generation high-definition Internet protocol cameras:

  • Flexibility to interface to many types of image sensors, including HD WDR video image sensors that support up to 1080p60
  • Fast processing to incorporate a full image sensor pipeline (ISP) intellectual property (IP) that includes techniques such as defect pixel correction, gamma correction, dynamic range correction, and noise reduction
  • Cost-effective solution that can incorporate functions such as sensor interfacing, image compression, and even pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) control in a single device
  • High-performance HD video analytics
  • Integrate a complete IP camera design in as little as 11x11 mm2 with small form factor Cyclone® V packaging

Simplified Block Diagram of an FPGA-Based Surveillance Camera

Industry's First HD WDR Video Surveillance Chipset

Altera has simplified video surveillance camera system development with the industry’s first HD WDR video surveillance chipset. This chipset streamlines the delivery of ISP IP and provides a single vendor source for the IP and FPGA. With ISP provider Apical and HD WDR sensor manufacturer AltaSens, Altera provides a verified ISP optimized for the Altasens WDR sensor. No other ASSP or DSP platform offers a comprehensive pipeline that incorporates WDR technology using a 1080p60 sensor and data path. And FPGAs are the only devices that can handle the large bandwidth of data from 1080p and 720p WDR CMOS sensors.