Medical electronic devices cover a spectrum of equipment implementations, ranging from large diagnostic imaging machines that fill a room, to small mobile devices that patients carry with them.

Driven by healthcare dynamics for superior patient care at lower costs, providers are demanding increased visualization and transmission of medical image and video data from OEMs. Therefore, several technical trends are emerging that influence future equipment architectures:

  • Movement towards commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) homogenous hardware platforms
  • Migration from proprietary parallel to standardized serial component interconnects (HSIO)
  • Increased wired and wireless device connectivity to the Internet

These trends, along with the spectrum of equipment implementations, are driving medical equipment toward one of three implementation architectures:

  • Chassis Based -a passive backplane with heterogeneous or homogenous processing cards
  • Modular Based - single board computer with PCIe modules for application-specific functionality
  • Portable Devices -FPGAs with embedded CPU(s), implementing all processing functions