Life science and hospital equipment—such as spectrometers, centrifuges, protein analyzers, powered beds, surgical instruments, radiation equipment, and endoscopes—have varying requirements, from motor control to signal processing. Programmable logic devices have found homes in many of these products, and Intel sees increased adoption in emerging applications such as radiation equipment. The low-cost, high-performance, and reprogrammable capabilities of Intel® FPGAs help you develop feature-rich products with superior flexibility and fast time-to-market.

Designed on an advanced, highly efficient architecture, Intel’s Cyclone® FPGA series easily meets the price and performance requirements of these applications.  In higher-end equipment where serialization of gigabits of data is required, Intel's Stratix® device family is ideal.


For a high-performance, cost-efficient processing solution, Intel’s Soc device family and Nios® II family of embedded processors can be implemented in all mainstream Intel FPGAs, including Cyclone device family.  Intel SoC device family and Nios II embedded processors can provide cost effective motor control and signal processing capabilities.

Table 1. Related Intellectual Property, Development Kits & Reference Designs

Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Embedded Processors
Interfaces & Peripherals